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Live Cell Therapy Provided by ABLE Softgel for Skin Care

Beauty Tips for Youthful Skin through ABLE Liquid SoftGel Capsules

The Rejuvenation of Body with Swiss Cell Therapy Formula

Stem Cell Therapy Capsules and Serum are the rejuvenating, anti
aging solutions that is designed to rejuvenate for fighting aging
ABLE ovine sheep placenta softgel capsules & rejuvenation serum plant stem cell extracts, the best natural beauty anti aging skin care therapies system
ABLE Sheep Placenta Liquid Gel Capsules
(US Exclusive Formula)
ABLE ovine sheep placenta softgel capsules for ultimate cell therapy, the anti aging rejuvenation super antioxidants provide many amazing health benefits
ABLE Ovine Sheep Placenta 30 Capsules/Box
The Highest Quality Softgel Capsules
See Brief Summary of Benefits
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The original ABLE Ovine Placenta Stem Cells are available in liquid gel cap form. It uses the superior one and only Swiss Formulation Extracts that are available in the
market nowadays. It makes use of the unparalleled hi-tech Softgel capsules that are bio active in nature. They help in slowing down the process of anti-ageing, help in
tissue regeneration and overall rejuvenation. The results provided by Softgel include beautiful and younger looking skin, vibrant vitality and a fit and full of vigor life.

The Cell Therapy is now available to the common man for the first time in 70 years. This great boon is available in the form of high-tech Softgel Capsule. It is now possible
to achieve its incredible benefits right from the comfort of your home. The man behind this great idea is Dr. Paul Niehans. He was inducted into the Papal Academy of
Science by Pope Pius XII as he was awestruck with this phenomenal discovery. He was also made the successor to Sir Alexander Fleming who discovered Penicillin.

The Genetic Placenta Cell Therapy is now being used by many well-known celebrities, eminent politicians and the Swiss World Cup Team Members. Some of the famous
personalities who have come forward and have availed the benefits of regenerative cell therapy are listed as below:

  • In order to revive their powers of concentration and physical endurance, President Eisenhower, Prime Minister Winston Churchill and De Gaulle underwent the cell
    regeneration therapy.
  • When Adenauer was more than 90 years old, he accredited the benefits of cell therapy that boosted his energy making him capable of leading the Republic of
  • The famous actor Charlie Chaplin was able to marry and father children beyond the age of 70 with the help of cell therapy.

There are numerous well renowned celebrities who visit the famous and exclusive clinics in Switzerland and administer the Anti-Ageing Live Cell Therapy. This helps in
improving and prolonging their vitality thereby, keeping their appearances, natural beauty and abilities intact.
Entirely Possible of Having Clear, Smooth, Youthful Skin!
How do I figure out if cell therapy is right for me? Our friendly representative will be glad to assist you at: 1-212-233-5196
There are noticeable benefits that you will seem to observe and experience in your day to day life after opting for
the ABLE Sheep Placenta Liquid SoftGel Capsules. The major benefits are:

  • Reactivation of  cells, tissues and thereby organs as a whole.
  • Strengthening of the immune system for fighting against several diseases.
  • Enhance concentration and alertness.
  • Healthy, supple and glowing skin complexion with even tone.
  • Better elasticity in skin, thickness and reduction of wrinkles.
  • Elimination of chronic skin conditions.
  • Natural radiance and glow to skin.
  • Lightening of facial pigmentation and refinement of facial pores.
  • Get rid off insomnia, better and undisturbed sleep.
  • Improved and steady blood circulation.
  • Improved levels of stamina and energy levels.
  • Increased sex drive and potency; more endurance and virility.
  • Better functioning of the digestive system and elimination of constipation.
  • Relief during menopausal stages by reducing the symptoms and calming the body.

ABLE Ovine Sheep Placenta Liquid Gel Capsule comes with not even a single side effect. Whether you use the
capsules are a short or a longer duration, the capsules will bring about no harmful side effects or allergies. This is
due to the fact that the bio molecules are metabolized, degenerated and excreted in the exact same manner as
other endogenous products.

The ABLE Ovine Sheep Placenta Liquid Gel Capsule has received tremendous amount of recognition and praise
from all around the world. It has many consumed by a large number of people and not even a single case of any
kind of side effect has been reported.
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ABLE Rejuvenation Serum
(Early-Stage Plant Embryo Stem Cells Extract)
ABLE rejuvenation serum plant stem cell extracts for anti aging treatment, cell therapy for glowing gorgeous, clear, smooth and younger looking skin
ABLE Stem Cell Skin Serum 30 ml / Bottle
The Best Skin Care Serum For Routine Use
See Brief Summary of Benefits
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Two boxes per month: Take 2 ABLE Ovine Sheep Placenta Softgel Capsules a day for one month (one capsule with a cup of warm water in the morning half an hour
before breakfast, and the other capsule at night half an hour before dinner). This package will give you the good results and benefits of cell therapy.

One box per month: Take 1 ABLE Ovine Sheep Placenta Softgel Capsule a day for one month (one capsule with a cup of warm water in the morning half an hour before
breakfast). This package will give you the basic results and benefits of cell therapy.
The best way to take ABLE Sheep Placenta Liquid Softgel Capsules
Two bottles per month: Applying the right amount of ABLE Rejuvenation Serum to face and neck area with fingertips, spread it out evenly around. Always slide upward
direction in slow circular motions massaging for a few minutes. 2 times a day for one month (once in the morning and once at night right before sleep). That can help to
receive the best benefits and achieve the best results.

One bottle per month: Applying the right amount of ABLE Rejuvenation Serum to face and neck area with fingertips, spread it out evenly around. Always slide upward
direction in slow circular motions massaging for a few minutes. 1 times a day for one months (once at night right before bedtime). That can help to receive the good
benefits and achieve the good results.

Notice: Before using the product, get a nice spot in a room that has enough light to take a clear and sharp digital photo of yourself. After using for about 2-3 months, take
another picture from the same spot that can compare before and after, which can help you get better understanding of the excellent results by ABLE Rejuvenation Serum.
How To Apply ABLE Rejuvenation Serum:
The live cell therapy formulation provided by ABLE is so unique that it cannot be replaced with something else.
Nothing less than 100%! All our products, every single unit is passed through a serious temperature controlled storage system. 100% inspections and we will never ever
ship any over stocks, overheating, frozen damaged, irregular or returned but just the most fresh has to offer. This is our promise!

We offer free one-on-one telephone and email consultations to help you with any questions you may have about anti-aging or about beauty and health in general. Please
feel free to call us at: 1-212-233-5196. Take advantage of our free services to help yourself acquire more beauty and better health.
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Cell Therapy in Liquid Softgel    Natural, Safe and Amazing Results     A MILLION QUESTIONS WITH ONE ANSWER
Amazing Results with One Golden Rule
Unique Concept of Micro Extract Technologie
  • ABLE Rejuvenation Serum is suitable for most skin types which for lack of hydration, dry, weak, SENSITIVE SKIN and dilated blood-vessel. As well as for dull
    sallow, UNEVEN TONE, spots PIMPLE SCAR and BLACKHEADS etc..

  • Incredible benefits from natural algae anti-irritation extract, it is not only provides anti-inflammation effect but also improves the growth of healthy skin, result in
    better skin quality, beauty natural clear skin tone, to keep skin looking BRIGHT and FRESH.

  • ABLE Rejuvenation Serum utilize the micro stem cell extract technologies that works effectively to help heal skin surface damage, moisturizing Ingredients
    penetrate into deeper skin layers that can favorably the balance of collagen growth.

  • Another wonderful ingredient within ABLE Rejuvenation Serum is the high-effective moisturizing extract that contain growth of collagen, which can soothe the weak
    and DRY SKIN and at the meantime giving the best protection such as reverse SUN DAMAGE on face skin.

  • The greatest benefits of ABLE Rejuvenation Serum that can help to improve the metabolism of epidermis cells that helps the skin surface and blocks most UVB,
    protect cells and ensure skin able to fight against free radical damage including WRINKLES and BROWN SPOTS.

  • Refines uneven skin texture and scarring.
  • Improvement in the plumps lines and visible wrinkles.
  • STEM CELL THERAPY presents promising solution to firm up facial skin.
  • Finer skin complexion and more evenly toned color such as DARK UNDER EYE.
  • Leaves skin moist and supple, natural ways to help keep skin BLEMISH free.
  • Lightening of facial pigmentation, refinement of facial pores.
  • Tighten and shrink enlarged OPEN PORES.
  • Highly effective remedies for ROSACEA-DRY SKIN.
  • Diminishes sensitivity from common COSMETIC ALLERGIES.
  • Controls acne-prone skin conditions & balances OILY SKIN conditions.

ABLE Rejuvenation Serum is based from the early-stage plant embryo stem cells, therefore it’s the best source of
nutrition for your anti-aging skin care routine use. The NATURAL NUTRITIONS are gentle, safe and zero negative
side effects. You can easily use it in home or office with SHORT or LONG TERM. Incredible benefits from natural
algae anti-irritation extract, it is not only provides anti-inflammation effect but also improves the growth of HEALTHY
SKIN, result in better skin quality, beauty natural CLEAR SKIN tone, to keep skin looking bright from inside to outside.
ABLE Rejuvenation Serum - The medical cosmetic
pioneer brings together the best from research and
innovation, its excellent source of human engineering
concepts that including promotes skin regeneration
process, the embryonic plant cell based ingredients
compounds enhance our body's natural ability to
restore and replenish skin cells. The cutting edge
micro stem cell extract technologies (see diagram at
the left that shows the philosophy of ABLE plant cell
extract serum enables faster, penetrate into deeper
and more smoother.) making ABLE Rejuvenation
Serum exclusive formula miraculous transforms skin
by gently replenishing to natural levels which is one of
the most important steps in keeping skin appear bright
and fresh.
ABLE cell therapy serum for cells and tissue regeneration, slow aging process, improved skin tone and finer pores, get smooth skin and healthy texture
The Cell Therapy of Able Ovine Liquid SoftGel Capsules – How Does This Work?
Cell Therapy is capable of combating numerous chronic and acute diseases. It helps in the overall maintenance of health and extension of life. It stimulates the organs
responsible for conditions of obesity, arthritis, chronic fatigue, asthma, brain disease, osteoporosis, circulatory disturbances, sexual dysfunction, male impotence,
diabetes, skin eruptions and many more. It prepares the body to repulse these conditions and stay strong. It improves the skin texture and glow overall and make you fit.

The rejuvenation of the body’s immune system and strengthening of the defense mechanisms are by far the most promising results of the Cell Therapy. Our bodies are
prone to both external and internal damages and wear and tear which can either be due to ageing or some accidents. The damage to the organs can be reversed with the
help of Cell Therapy. It helps the cells to evolve into better and stronger cells. It also curbs down the process of ageing.
beauty tips and technique for better ingredients absorption into skin care routine application makeup skill for perfect clear and beautiful smooth skin

Important Information for Beginners: Before apply the ABLE rejuvenation serum. Wash or deep clean
facial area with a natural skin cleanser of your choice. Always remember that using circular, upward
motions with a gentle touch on your face, (see diagram at the left) for a few minutes. Continue upwards
to the sides of the forehead and around the under eyes area. Cautions; Never gravity by tugging down on
your skin, too much tugging and pulling will lead to wrinkles. In the meantime, we recommended to
apply a small amount around neck area. You wouldn't want to have a younger looking face but a turkey
neck, do you?


It is good to remember that this all in one ABLE rejuvenation serum can be use as moisturizer or eye
gel. Skin replenish and self-heal itself at night. It's also the time when skin unable to hydrate itself from
any other source, so, apply ABLE rejuvenation serum before bed time that generally be last longer and
work better than in the daytime, and it can be more easily absorbed.
Consultation Hotline: 1-212-233-5196
Anti Aging Secrets to Stay Young and Healthy
Tips for Having Healthy and Youthful Skin
best reviews & top rated anti-aging skin care serum and moisturizer, new treatment for whitening, anti-wrinkle & remove age spots image before and after
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Many people fall under the impression that the cell therapy capsules are drugs. The fact is that they can be consumed along with any other nutritional supplements. Even
though the capsules lack any chemicals, they have proven to be nutritive in value. ABLE In its original formulation is thoroughly researched, developed in Switzerland and
manufactured under the leading facility with its original mandate to create supplements only from natural & safe ingredients with pride in the United States. The contents of
the capsule remain biologically active by means of a technique without any unwanted content but the effectiveness of their valuable bioactive matter.

Cell therapy oral capsule is a universally acclaimed revolution for delaying and reducing the signs of ageing and enhancing cell activation over a period of more than 15
years. Each and every dosage is measured and tested for sterility.

It is advisable to take the cell therapy supplement on empty stomach. In the process, it breaks down and dissolves in the small intestines and the ingredients are
completely absorbed by the body. The only reason is does not dissolve in the stomach is to prevent the action of gastric acids and juices which can interfere with the
process and also hamper the contents of the capsule.
The molecular fat and proteins are broken down into simpler peptide fractions. The hormones are omitted from these. They are furthermore processed into simpler
cultures and the end results are separated and filtered. Thus, the refined ingredients lack any unwanted substances.

Anti-Ageing is a very generic term. There are many symptoms and conditions that follow suit of ageing. These can be wrinkles on the skin, lethargy, fatigue, stress, and
lack of concentration, loss of memory, headaches and many more. It can also lead to the onset of numerous chronic diseases. Since ageing is inevitable, we can take
preventive measures to slow down its process and prepare our body to overcome the various conditions. Ageing has far more serious effects on women. As the
menopausal stage approaches, it can lead to hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, anxiety and others. These can also be greatly alleviated by means of cell therapy.
There are no side effects as these capsules are consumed by the body in the same form as any other food material.

One can start noticing the effects of the capsules very soon after consumption. The joints and discs will show more flexibility. Your weight will get stabilized. There will be a
flow of vigor and energy within your body. You will feel the renewed desire to accept greater challenges in life. Sexual satisfaction will also improve. This also applies to
your outward appearance. Your skin would appear to be more healthy, supple and glowing. You will look more youthful and alive. The overall texture of your skin and
complexion will seem to enhance.
It is known to be the most advanced bio-technological product
with a high metabolic activity rate. The active ingredients are
peptides, which are a form of proteins and are consumed by
the body without any alteration to the inductive regenerative
function. These cells which are extracted from the placenta
are carefully tested and are 99% water soluble in nature.

The regenerative cells do not introduce any kind of hormones
into the body. This prevents any kind of interference with the
body’s natural endocrine system. Hormones are known to
affect body’s moods and behavior. Since there are no artificial
hormones, this prevents any kind of psychological risks. It
has holds no danger of allergies.

The substances are extracted by means of high-tech
biotechnological process. Their core area of function is to
revitalize the old and ageing cells in the body and stimulate
them in a way so that they revitalize and get activated for a
better performance.

The contents and their constitution were researched,
experimented and tried several times before an accurate
conclusion was drawn. The results have been analyzed
properly and both the outside and the inside of the capsules
are very stable.
ABLE sheep placenta benefits included in boost energy levels, balance hormones, strengthen immune system, achieve quality sleep, boost heart & brain health
There are many ways in which ABLE Softgel
can help to enhance your health, appearance
and increase happiness and life satisfaction.
The list of benefits of ABLE Softgel includes:
  • Slowing down the process of aging through
    regeneration of cells and tissues.
  • Providing a healthy glow of skin by removing
    pigmentation and dullness of skin.
  • Giving a life full of freshness, activeness and vigor by
    improving stamina.
  • Making the bones and joints more healthy and
    functional by improving the blood circulation within the
  • Strengthening the immune system of the body and
    thereby keeping the infection breakout in check.
  • Enhances sexual potency and thus triggers better
    sexual satisfaction.
  • Prevents inflammation within the organ systems
  • Help stabilize blood sugar levels.
  • Better mental and emotional health.

This unique concept will take you to next level. It's absolutely
worth trying out while you can. ABLE is the innovative and
exclusive products with the latest advancement in anti-aging
to achieve maximum rejuvenation benefit that influence age
related genes. After all, let you staying young, healthy and
enjoy a prolonged life.
Young and Healthy – Affordable and Achievable
Health must never be taken for granted. No matter how good in a shape we are and how good our
health is, it is still important to constantly take care of ourselves and stay fit. It becomes all the more
important with the changing lifestyles and thereby, increasing risks. We never what can befall on us
in the blink of an eye and we might lose everything. Hence, it is very important that we strive to
maintain our healthy bodies.

One can never know when our good health might slip away from our hands. We often find ourselves
getting a major wake-up call whenever a major health crisis arises. We experience our entire
universe in turmoil. It will be far more helpful if we can take preventive measures right from the start
and prepare ourselves for any unforeseen damage that might occur. We must try to alleviate
unhealthy habits of lifestyles. We must trigger our body into such a state where it gains tremendous
capacity to recover from anything.
Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) Read Brief Description of Major Benefits
The Softgel capsules are nothing but a premium quality antioxidant. They have rich and unmatched nutritive value and have continued to bring about better changes in the
lives of many individuals. Science has known to better the lives of mankind through remarkable techniques and ABLE Softgel Capsules are one such invention.
100% Real Customers Review: Since I began using them I find I am more focused, more energized, have improved skin, and my endurance is greatly improved
- Sebastian Encinas -
Professional Film Maker
My name is Sebastian Encinas &
I have been an avid Thai Boxer and
runner for many years. My profession
is as a film maker and my work
requires me to be in optimal mental
and physical shape. I recently began
using Able Ovine Sheep Placenta Soft
Capsules and I found these vitamins
to be of real quality. Since I began
using them I find I am more focused,
more energized, have improved skin,
and my endurance is greatly improved.
I really recommend them!
- Sebastian Encinas -
The first and foremost steps towards cell therapy begin with the selection of specific organ
cells from an animal that is especially bred for this purpose. Sheep are considered to be the
best donors. This is because they are vital and strong animals. They have fully functional and
well-built immune systems and superior defense mechanism against natural diseases. The
human body blends well with the proteins found in sheep and triggers no kind of unwanted
resistance. Once the animal is bred as per the requirements, the stem cells are extracted
from it and injected into the host that is the human body.

They are considered as foreign bodies and rejected by the host as the fetal cells have no
antigens. The injected cells revolve around the site of penetration until they are fully accepted
by the body. They can then congregate and multiply in number and attach themselves to the
respective organs. For example, the cells extracted from the liver will move to the liver, the
ones extracted from the heart will find their way to the host’s heart, and so on.

The regenerative cells are not bound by species. This means that they can attach themselves
to any kind of host. As the name suggests, they help in regenerating the old, worn out cells in
the organs and force them to function with new instilled vigor and efficiency.
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ABLE Vegetable Placenta Capsules
(100% Vegetarian Liquid Softgels)
ABLE Vegetable Placenta 30 Capsules/Box
A Superior Premium Quality Softgel Capsules
See Brief Summary of Benefits
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What if I'm a vegetarian?
ABLE Vegetable Placenta Capsules are made with the best vegan source primarily from seeds embryo during its
early-stage growth that contains rich in amino acid, mineral, vitamins and antioxidant. The world-leading innovative
extract teleology has the absolute advantage to deliver extraordinary antioxidant protection and targeted nutrition with
multiple benefits. It’s the key to enjoy 100% plant-based antioxidants that brought more variety of nutrients as you’d
expect. The world-class development certainly can help to boost up body’s ability to strengthen long-lasting
immunity against diseases, support healthy cells function to speed up metabolism, increase concentration and

Pure and highly concentrated vegetarian ingredients provide nearly the same level of benefits as ABLE Sheep
Placenta Capsules. The unique structural with comprehensive support formula is designed for people who due to
religious, ethical, or health considerations, or out of concern for the environment or animal rights. In addition, the
study found there is no significant difference between age, race, gender and lifestyle to obtain the amazing results
from ABLE Vegetable Placenta Capsule works wonderfully well on skin pigmentation, promote clarity youthful
looking skin, maintain vibrant health, support memory function and lifelong overall health, feel as optimal as
possible even more.

  • Power up with Natural Vegan Energy.
  • Slow Down Negative Effects of Aging.
  • Prevent Free-Radical Mediated Damage.
  • Maintaining Healthy Skin Cell Metabolism.
  • Strengthen Nervous System Health Naturally.
  • Enhance Brain Memory and Clarity Mind.
  • Wonderful Source for Heart Health.

ABLE Vegetable Placenta Extracts Softgel Capsules never appear to have any negative side effects.
Two boxes per month: Take 2 ABLE Vegetable Placenta Softgel Capsules a day for one month (one capsule with a cup of warm water in the morning half an hour before
breakfast, and the other capsule at night half an hour before dinner). This package will give you the good results and benefits of cell therapy.

One box per month: Take 1 ABLE Vegetable Placenta Softgel Capsule a day for one month (one capsule with a cup of warm water in the morning half an hour before
breakfast). This package will give you the basic results and benefits of cell therapy.
How to Take ABLE Vegetable Placenta Softgel Capsules:
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